Wolf Costumes for Children and Adults

Moon worshippers, mysterious, fairy tale villains... Such are wolves, but we are as fascinated by them as they are drawn to howl at the full moon. Because of this allure, Wolf costumes are very popular at any party where dressing up is a must.

It's easy to spot someone in a Wolf costume at a costume party: terrifying werewolves, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf... Whether you want to scare on Halloween night in a werewolf costume or prefer to be the naughty character in a clumsy, ragged Big Bad Wolf costume, you'll find the Wolf costume you're looking for here at Funidelia. We even have the Teen Wolf version, the famous 80's movie featuring Michael J. Fox.

And we have Wolf costumes for children and adults, from baby Wolf costumes to plus-size Wolf costumes. We have the perfect Wolf costume for you! So choose the model you like best from all the ones in our catalogue of animal costumes.

Get your lungs ready to howl at the moon or to "huff and puff until you blow the house down".

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