1980s & 90s Costumes: Cheap 80s & 90s Pop Star Costumes

If you think there was too much disco in the 70s, and the 90s were just too modern…then the 80s is your decade! With these 1980s costumes, you can travel back to a fun decade with pop culture icons Michael Jackson, Madonna and Cindy Lauper.;Shoulder pads and fishnet stockings? Yes! Tease your hair into a nice, tall ponytail, choose the brightest neon t-shirt you can find, put on more bracelets than your wrist will take and throw on a tulle skirt over your leggings…you’ll be ready to show younger generations which decade had the most fun!;The fabulous 80s also went down in history as the era of tracksuits, leg warmers and aerobics. So, why not bring back those Jane Fonda workouts with a shiny leotard and dance tights? Could there be a more comfortable (and flashy) outfit?;If you think the totally awesome eighties never really went away, don’t miss out on the chance to organize an incredible 80s party. Grab your cassette tapes and your Casio keyboard and start practicing your moves.;This Carnival or Halloween, choose your favorite 80s look: pop diva like Madonna, long-haired rock star like Axel Rose or fun aerobic instructor with heels and warmers. Add splashes of color and fun to any party with these 80s costumes. See you later, alligator!

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