PJ Masks Costumes: Catboy, Owlette and Gekko Costumes

Shop for a PJ Masks costume and help your little one embody his favorite pajama hero! These PJ Masks costumes will turn your little ones into Catboy, Owlette or Gekko, their favorite nighttime superheroes. If you’re still unfamiliar with these fashionable superheroes, you won’t be for long. These three young friends who transform into their dynamic alter egos when in their pajamas are a hit with children of all ages. Find your little one’s favorite PJ Mask costume and watch him experience life as his favorite superhero. PJ Masks are some of our favorite costumes for children. They can unleash their imagination and practice their cat skills, show they’re as smart as an owl or blend in with their surroundings using the lizard’s camouflage skills. All they’ll need is their favorite cartoon character’s costume! What is your little one’s favorite PJ Masks costume? Does your little boy prefer Catboy’s costume? Or is he an admirer of Gekko's green costume? Is your little girl as intelligent as Amaya and would Owlette’s costume look great on her? And don’t forget to get the right mask to protect their secret identities! Having Super Cat Speed, Super Owl Wings or Super Lizard Grip would not be a surprise at all with these PJ Masks costumes! Add a good dose of imagination and watch your little ones and their friends bring down Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja. Choose your child's favorite PJ Masks costume for the next Carnival or a PJ Masks birthday party!

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