If you're looking for the most original animal costumes, you've come to the right place! Because at Funidelia we have the best ones.

The Bear costume is undoubtedly one of the favorite costumes for children and adults, perhaps because of children's characters like Winnie the Pooh, the Care Bears... or maybe it's due to the classic teddy bears (Teddy Bears) of our childhood.

Are you looking for a comfortable, warm, practical, and of course, adorable Bear costume? Well, check out our onesie bear costumes with which you can turn into a panda or a polar bear. We also have brown bear and panda bear costumes for children, adults, and plus sizes. Your family and you can form an absolutely adorable bear family!

At Funidelia we have Bear costumes of the best quality, especially for the little ones. Take a look at our bear costumes for babies: pink teddies, panda bears, a brown bear, and a huggable polar bear.

Don't forget the bear accessories for the final touch! In our accessories section, you will find headbands with furry ears, children's make-up kits, masks, etc.
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