Pirate costumes for men

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! You won't need to have a drink to make you want to put on one of these pirate costumes for men at the next Carnival or at Halloween. Go out and sail the oceans or the streets and take over the party because the most original costumes in all of the Seven Seas are here! The pirates, those crooks have been turned into legends and romanticized by the cinema. People have an obsession with them and we suppose that you do to as you are here looking for a pirate fancy dress costume to wear to the Carnival or to a fancy dress party. You are in the right place as we have a wide catalogue of pirate costumes for men, from Jack Sparrow's costume from Pirates of the Caribbean to more classic pirates like Blackbeard himself. We even have some more "spicy" options that are perfect for bachelor parties, which together with our other original costumes for men, will make the party soooo much more fun. If you can't find your ideal pirate costume, you can create your own using our accessories: pirate hats, hooks, swords and even eye patches... we have it all. You won't be disappointed. Don't have too much rum and start calibrating your compass, arghhhh!

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