Cat Costumes for Children and Adults

Sharpen your claws and get ready to be the guest of honor at any party with your cat costume, a timeless classic that is always a hit. Cat costumes are always welcome at any Carnival or Halloween celebration because they are one of the most comfortable, elegant and versatile animal costumes you'll find at Funidelia.

Slipping into a black cat costume offers a ton of possibilities: from emulating the famous Sylvester the Cat to transforming into Catwoman... There are many types of kitty costume that you will find here! Choose your cat makeup and the most appropriate cat accessories to show either your sweetest side or your wildest one depending on the kitten costume you wear.

Become the Puss in Boots or the most attractive Halloween kitten with some of the models "Made by Funidelia". Choose more original options to make your kitten costume even more unique.

Walk through our cat accessories section to complete your outfit with some cat ears and a kitty headband, or choose the most adorable women cat costume for the little one in the house.
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