Venetian masks and eye masks for the Venetian carnival

The magic has arrived at the Carnival party with these Venetian masks that will help you to complete your costume in the most spectacular way. These kinds of Carnival eye masks are traditional in Venice during the celebration of the most popular and special party. Although we tend to associate masks with the Carnival period, they used to be used by those who wanted to remain anonymous at parties or plays (mainly aristocracy and wealthy people) or when people wanted to conspire to do evil without being exposed. In our catalogue you will find Venetian eye masks and masks with sequins, with lace, with Persian influence, romantic ones, ones with feathers, a long nose, seductive masks, silver ones, gold ones or with bells... hundreds of typical Venetian Carnival masks and its characters. The perfect accessories for a unique costume. Prepare your Venetian Carnival tribute using its most characteristic element, the masks.
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