Pippi Longstocking Costumes

Did you love Pippi Longstocking when you were younger? Have you always wanted for her two red braids and coloured tights? Then your next costume has got to be Pippi Longstocking.

This peculiar little girl was the envy of every kid. Living totally free with her pets, a monkey and a polka-dot horse, she wore the best outfit: a dress with pockets, a t-shirt and some coloured tights (one leg orange and the other green). But if there was one distinctive thing about Pippi Longstocking it was her hair. So, don’t forget to complete your Pippi look with a red plaited wig.

Remember her song and get ready to sing it at your next party: “It's Pippi Longstocking, hay ho ho ha he ha ha. It's Pippi Longstocking, there's no one like her.


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