Mummy Costumes for Kids and Adults

If you like Ancient Egypt and love dressing up for Halloween, you’re in the right place. Choose the perfect Mummy costume for celebrating Halloween... or any costume party.  These scary costumes are a great option for any costume party. Forget wasting rolls of paper unnecessarily, because this Halloween you’ve found what you're looking for. We’ve got a wide variety of Mummy costumes. Buy a complete Mummy costume or simply get a few accessories. We’ve got evil Mummy masks, hooded masks, or Mummy make-up to play with. There’s a variety of different styles and sizes, for both kids and adults: Terrifying Mummies, Mummies covered in blood, or more "modern" Mummies. We’ve also got more light-hearted models, that aren’t particularly scary, like a Lego Mummy or our “ride on” costumes that let you ride on the shoulders of a Mummy! Get ready to leave the sarcophagus and move your bandages to the rhythm of the party music!
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