Tinker Bell Costumes

These Tinker Bell costumes will give you wings so you can fly to a magical world and experience a whole lot of adventures. Get your Tinker Bell costume for girls, with a green-toned dress and white wings, and also for women, with detachable wings. A real fairy needs wings to travel to Neverland and a magic wand to sprinkle fairy dust with. Add the finishing touch to your Disney Tinker Bell costume with a green wig, or choose your favorite color. Tinker Bell was originally a fairy that mended pots and kettles. Though sometimes ill-tempered, spoiled and vindictive, she is also kind to Peter. She can make others fly by sprinkling them with fairy dust. Make a left at the second star and continue straight till dawn. There you’ll find the best Disney Tinker Bell fancy dress costumes so you can become a charming little fairy.

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