Sailor Moon Costumes

You can now have any one of the Sailor Moon costumes or other senshi costumes: Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune or Tuxedo Mask. The Sailor Moon series follows the story of a careless high school girl (Usagi – Bunny – Tsukino) who is not very interested in her studies. One day, she meets a black hat that has a crescent moon on its forehead. It tells her that she is a powerful Sailor Senshi whose mission is to defeat different enemies and save the Earth. Our Sailor Moon (and other warrior) costumes include a sailor uniform with a bow and a short skirt, each character with the color that represents her planet (blue, red, green or orange), tall boots in the same color and long, white gloves. All Sailor Moons wear a tiara with a stone in their own color, in which power is stored. Besides the soldiers, there is one masculine character, Tuxedo Mask. He wears a top hat and white eye mask, a black tailcoat and a red-lined black cape. He always carries a red rose and a baton. If you’re ready to experience endless adventures in your Sailor Moon costumes, all you have to do is pick a character and defend the innocent with a little help from the moon prism power.
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