Kylo Ren Costumes for Children and Adults

Would you like to become the most evil villain in the whole galaxy? You can with one of our Kylo Ren costumes, available for children and adults. Some say Kylo Ren is a rebel because the world made him that way...and they’re right. What a complicated family life the boy has! No wonder he’s allowed himself to be seduced by the dark side and is now spreading fear all over the galaxy. We think he’s an awesome villain. But then again, with Kylo Ren’s costume and mask and his double-bladed red lightsaber…you too would scare Darth Vader himself. But if the party is all about becoming a Sith and you prefer the old-school villain look, take a look at our Darth Vader costumes. Complete with a helmet and breathing device, you can start practicing the Imperial March right away. And if you prefer the light side, check out our Rey Star Wars costume. Go ahead and order your Kylo Ren costume and take command of the First Order!
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