Brazil and Samba Costumes

Are you looking for a costume for Carnival? What better than to dress up in honour of Brazil and samba, a country where this festival is practically a religion. With this Brazilian costume, the carnival feeling will run through every inch of your body. Get ready to samba all day because with these costumes you won’t be able to stop dancing! Colourful dresses with frills and sequins and huge headdresses are a hallmark of any samba or Brazilian costume. And if you want to attract even more attention, you can accessorise your costume with a "Brazilian" wig, or a fun and flashy tropical fruit tiara.   Both men and women can dress up as Brazilians and enjoy samba dancing or the rumba. Men can choose a costume with fun rumba trousers and spectacular ruffles and sequins, so you certainly won’t go unnoticed. Or you could go for something a little more elegant, while still paying homage to the Brazilians, with an Opposuits suit - made up of a yellow blazer and tie and green trousers, just like the flag of this tropical country.   Women can go for a Brazilian samba costume with an eye-catching and colourful dress. And, of course, don’t forget to add a good tiara or sequinned headdress - and make sure you’ve got some feathers! Turn any costume party into a Rio de Janeiro Sambadrome with these Brazilian costumes. Samba dance the night away!
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