Horse & Unicorn Masks

Get ready for your best trot and gallop to neigh like a true Horse and win at your next costume party. Choose a horse mask or unicorn mask and surprise all your friends. Now you can turn into a human with a horse head with these realistic and fun, unicorn masks or horse masks.

In our online store, you'll find a wide variety of models, with brown horse masks, white, or even multicolored. You can be a wild and crazy horse or a beautiful unicorn. It's said that unicorns, those beings similar to horses but with a sharp horn on their head, are not real. Prove that unicorns exist at your next costume party, and leave all your friends amazed.

Use a horse mask to complete a full horse costume, or just put on the mask and turn into a funny horse with a man's body.

Either way, with these unicorn and horse masks, mostly made of latex and with great realism, you'll look like this beautiful animal and surprise everyone with your impressive mane and your most stylish trot. These masks are ideal for a quick, comfortable, and simple way to dress up for Carnivals or any costume party.
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