Sick of organising parties only to spend hours cleaning up at the end? Don't worry, we’re here to help you save some time - why not use paper plates? Use them and then throw them away, the best solution for a quick tidy up. We’ve got all kinds of unique paper plates - whatever the celebration, these plates will go with any decoration. Don’t miss a single detail! Find any kind of birthday plate, plates for Christmas, for baby showers or for themed parties. If you’re getting ready for a kids birthday party, you can choose from birthday plates featuring their favourite characters. From superheroes, Minions, Cars or Transformers to princesses and other Disney characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Or find plates themed with one of the little ones’ favourite films: Frozen.  There’s also loads of options for grown up parties! We’ve got paper plates for Christmas and New Year, all with different themes - some are more decorative and refined, while others are more casual and fun, with Christmas trees or Santa Claus. But it’s not just for Christmas, we’ve also got plates for theme parties - with Hawaiian themes, football themes, flags of the world and even Halloween plates with scary skulls and pumpkins.  These paper plates can match the décor of your party. You’ll find plates in every colour and in different shapes - round, square, hexagonal and star shaped. It doesn’t matter how crazy you want to get, at Funidelia we have what you need!
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