Harry Potter Notebooks

Do you like to write? Do you note down everything so you don’t forget it? No detail will escape you and you’ll never forget a thing with these Harry Potter notebooks. Pick the notebook you like the most and write down all your spells and potion recipes with your Harry Potter pen. We’ve got different kinds of notebooks and workbooks, including special and unique models from the saga. Harry Potter notebooks decorated with spells, quidditch notebooks you can write down your training and schedule in, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw notebooks, Newt Scamander’s notebook for writing down all the fantastic beasts you know... Even Tom Riddle’s diary! Which also comes with a pen with invisible ink, so no-one can discover your secrets. You're going to love our Funidelia Harry Potter school supplies, perfect for going back to Hogwarts. We’ve got pencil cases, bags, shoulder bags, sports bags... All you need now is a Harry Potter backpack to complete the look! And if you want to buy a gift for a Potterhead, visit our Harry Potter merchandise section. It will leave you "petrificus totalus"! 

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