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Have you been looking for Waldo your whole life? Look! He's right in front of the mirror... Because with these Waldo costumes you will be the real-life version of this funny character. Choose your Where's Waldo costume and hide yourself among the multitudes of people at the Carnival or at any celebration. No one will be able to find you! Grab your red and white striped T-Shirt, your blue trousers, some glasses and your Waldo hat and get together with your friends to form the best group Waldo costume that you have ever seen. All dressed up as Waldo or Wenda, except one of you that will have to dress up as Odlaw (Waldo's adversary). The challenge will be for any stranger that you see on the street to try to find him amongst all the Wally costumes in less than 10 seconds. We also have "Where’s Waldo" kits so that you can whip up a quick costume for kids or adults, in case the Carnival costume that you had in mind isn't ready in time. That's why we've come to you with these fun costumes so that you will never go unnoticed!

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