Goku © costumes

With a tail or without, a Son Goku costume is perfect for any costume party. Show off your knowledge of Super Saiyan the warrior without crossing the line so you don't end up making others jealous of your superpowers. Although, it's true, what difference will it make? Launch your best "kamehameha" and send everyone packing while you get ready for your final fight against your arch enemy Freezer. If you don't want to waste all of your salary on hair gel to complete your costume, don't forget to grab one of these Goku wigs ( in brown or blonde like Super Saiyan). Remember that you can make a father-son Goku costume as we have Son Goku costumes for adults and boys. You will be the best Super Saiyans duo! Put on your Goku costume and prepare your inner saiyajin for the upcoming fight, which we also have many other Dragon Ball costumes for and a Vegeta costume for your opponent. Which one of your friends will choose to go up against you?

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