Cat Noir Costumes for Men and Boys

The most daring and charismatic cat on television is now at Funidelia! Any one of these Cat Noir costumes will turn you into Ladybug’s partner in action. But, who is Cat Noir? Adrien is a normal teenager with a secret identity, thanks to the cat powers he gets from Plagg the kwami . When Adrien uses his Cat Noir ring to turn into a superhero, he and Ladybug join forces to save Paris from the akumas unleashed by Hawk Moth. The Cat Noir costume for children and adults features a black jumpsuit, perfectly adapted for the full agility needed to fight evil when it arises. It also includes a blond wig so you can flaunt Adrien's beautiful locks, and a mask that will help keep your secret identity concealed. And if you really want to give your Car Noir costume the winning touch, add a staff with which to fend off any villains that come your way. You’ll have a blast turning into some of the most popular cartoon characters in the world with these Ladybug and Cat Noir costumes, for children and adults. They’re perfect for a fun Halloween, Carnival or a Miraculous Ladybug birthday party!
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