Rick & Morty Mugs

If we can talk in purely scientific terms, youโ€™ve just discovered where you can find the best Rick and Morty mugs. No need to travel to another dimension to have a good breakfast, all you need is one of these amazing products from our Rick and Morty merchandise section. As Summer Smith once said, โ€œmy generation gets traumatized for breakfastโ€, but with one of these geeky mugs you can avoid that! All our mugs have completely original designs, just like all the Rick and Morty products you can find here at Funidelia. Find mugs with some of Rick Sanchezโ€™s most famous sayings (like โ€œget schwiftyโ€) or Mortyโ€™s funniest moments. Weโ€™ve even got Rick and Morty mugs that change colours, so portals to other dimensions can appear. Do you dare try one? All in the name of science. And donโ€™t forget about our Mr. Meeseeks mugs. You wonโ€™t be able to take your eyes off of them while you finish your drink. But remember: Donโ€™t ask for anything too complicated... You donโ€™t want your house filling with clones! As well as mugs and bowls weโ€™ve also got glasses of up to 500ml, for relaxing while you binge another episode of this hilarious series.

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