Minecraft Funko Pop!

You’ve just made the jump and your triumphant entrance into the biome of Funko Pop! The most popular Minecraft figures. At Funidelia you can find Pop dolls of some of the most popular characters in Minecraft, one of the most successful videogames in recent years, perfect for any fan. We’re talking about small figures, around 10cm tall, made from vinyl. Buy them for yourself or gift one to a fan of this peculiar world. That's if you've not already picked something else from the fantastic range of Minecraft merchandise available to you here at Funidelia. These Funkos loyally recreate the simple, block forms that fill computer, tablet and smartphone screens. Buying one of these Minecraft Funkos is the easiest way to domesticate a friendly ocelot, or tame one of the evil skeletons that are always waiting around the corner. It’s also a great way to peacefully reunite Steve and Alex, and their pickaxes, on the same shelf. Two of the most prominent characters among all our videogame Funkos, known for their thirst for exploration! You can also keep them in their original packaging, so they remain intact. It’ll be as if they were own their own chunk, except no creeper can blow them up from behind with dynamite!


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