Gingerbread Costumes

Yummm, get ready for this delicious gingerbread costume! Gingerbread is a classic Christmas cookie. Delicious brown biscuits made with ginger and known for their flavour and characteristic shape - a person with eyes, a nose, a mouth, and arms and legs. These biscuits have not just been around in our homes for decades, they’ve also appeared as cartoon characters in Christmas films, and some well known films like Shrek.  And now you can become a gingerbread man! Pick a gingerbread man costume and make everyone want to eat you in one. In this collection you’ll find adult costumes, as well as delicious costumes for kids and yummy gingerbread costumes for babies. We’ve even got a costume for dogs!   The gingerbread costume is made up of a brown one piece, three candy buttons in different colours, a bow tie and a hood which acts as the head, with eyes and a nose so you look just like a gingerbread man. Pick the gingerbread costume you like the most, get ready to feel some Christmas spirit and experience the best time of the year with something sweet and delicious. Careful of your friends and family, they’ll want to dip you in their tea or coffee, because you’ll look good enough to eat!
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