Aladdin Funko Pop!

If a genie could grant us one wish, we'd wish to get our hands on this collection of Aladdin Funko Pop! In this section you’ll discover “a whole new world” full of Aladdin Funkos, as well as Funkos of all the characters in the film, like the Genie, Abu, Jasmine, Jafar and even Iago, the royal Vizier's infamous pet. Aladdin Funkos are our favourites out of all the Disney Funko dolls you can find at Funidelia, whether they're from the classic animated film or the latest “live action” version in Disney history. If Aladdin is your favourite film, you’re going to love all the official Aladdin merchandise we have available: bags, t-shirts, purses and even beach towels that will make you feel as if all your wishes have been granted.
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