Morphsuits & Second Skin Costumes

The morphsuits and second skin costumes will fit you like gloves and they will adapt perfectly to all of your movements. The Morphsuits are elasticated outfits based on fitted clothing that covers the whole body (hands, feet and face). They have been designed so that you can look and drink through them and of course, have fun. Second Skin costumes are perfect for stag nights, Halloween, a Purim or for any party, since there are outfits for many themes and characters, there are also slippery smooth ones that come in various colours so that you can make yourself a shadow costume. You can find superhero second skin outfits such as Batman, The Power Rangers, Spider-Man, Superman, also zombies and animals, in the colours of your flag... and many other styles! These are some of the costumes you will find at Funidelia and they will make you turn into the life and soul of the party.

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