Cheap Wigs for your costumes

Low-price costume wigs will be the best solution to complete a costume. Because there are outfits that will not be complete without the right wig! At Funidelia you can buy any style wig, coloured ones and all the character wigs you can imagine. So you will enjoy the Purim, Halloween or party with the best costume possible. Have a look at our catalogue and discover wigs for the most fun Purim costumes. You will find wigs that are blonde, brown, multi coloured, afro, long haired, short haired, with a fringe, straight hair, curly hair... Can you imagine Harley Quinn without his colourful ponytail, Pippi Longstocking without her braids or Elvis without his tupé? We can't either. You could even turn into The Ice Queen with a Frozen wig. These wigs are avaliable for adults and kids and you will be able to show off the special outfit you choose even more with a wig that really identifies your chosen character.

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