Police, Robber and Thief Costumes

For the next Carnival, get your friends together and create a cops and robbers group costume. Look for the right accessories that just can’t be missing! If you’re on the law’s side, wear a police costume with some glasses and carry handcuffs and handgun. And if you prefer to challenge the law, put on a thief costume with a mask and prisoner cap. You’ll also find full costumes for classic policemen and thieves, and also some sexier versions for both. We even have zombie police and thief costumes! Have a blast at your next party, Carnival or Halloween. Enjoy chasing the bad guys or being chased!

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Police and thief costumes so you can operate outside the law

If you’ve decided to attend a party in a police costume, you’ve come to the right place! Join the SWAT team or work for the London police. Or, enforce the law seductively in these sexy police costumes for men and women. Kids will also love these police officer costumes for children. As for thief costumes, you’ll find the perfect prisoner costumes and masks so no one recognizes you. Complete your police fancy dress costume with accessories like weapons, handcuffs, hats, caps and badges.