Maleficent Costumes

Are you tired of princesses always being the main characters in stories? Do you think that witches and wizards have been misunderstood? Then you can't go to the Purim or to your next costume party without your Maleficent costume. The villain of the story, the wicked witch that wants to destroy Sleeping Beauty in the Disney story... but also the fairy that wants to save and protect the magic of the forest where she lives. You and your best friend, you with your Maleficent outfit and her with her Sleeping Beauty costume, will become the queens of the party. The Maleficent outfit will never disappoint you on Halloween. You can make it look more grotesque and evil with some good purple and green make-up and scare everyone into thinking that you are truly the queen of the darkness. If you are sick of Disney Princesses and Prince charming outfits, the Maleficent costume is the one for you!

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