American Football and Quarterback Costumes

American football originated from rugby football and has evolved as a sport over the years. You can now become a true quarterback with these American football costumes, available for men, women and children. The American Professional Football Associated was established in 1920 and the first game was played in Dayton, Ohio. Along with basketball and baseball, American football is one of the most popular sports in the Unites States today and is the sport that draws the highest attendance to this day. Become a football star with your rugby or quarterback fancy dress costume. Ask your partner to dress up as a cheerleader or entertainer and be the best looking couple at the party!

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Children and adults will have fun being a quarterback in these American football costumes.

Explore all of the American football costumes available in our online catalog to find the ideal one for you. You’ll find a quarterback costume that includes a t-shirt, trousers and shoulder pads. Add a helmet and the indispensable ball and you’ll be ready for kick off! Ladies will love our rugby costumes for women that come with a t-shirt and trousers…even children can dress up in these fun rugby costumes! Zombie versions also available. Add the finishing touch to any American football costume with accessories like these fun inflatable helmets and balls.